Cargo insurance

Cargo D.C. provides a full range of services (delivery + cargo insurance). You are the beneficiary of the policy.

We offer assistance in cargo insurance according to international standards. We provide full support for the execution of a cargo insurance transaction and full support for an insured event.

Range of services cargo insurance

The most frequent and recommended option for cargo insurance is insurance "with responsibility for all risks." This type of insurance is recommended primarily for owners of expensive and highly liquid cargo.

When insuring, we take into account all types of transportation risks that affect the size of the insurance rate and the completeness of coverage. Cargo insurance rates depend on the insured amount and are set individually. The sum insured is determined by the value of the cargo.

Rates for cargo insurance through Cargo D.C. are generally lower than what the insurance company will offer you directly

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    We take on all the tasks of cargo transportation and cargo insurance, and you just get it on time and in the right place!

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    Cargo insurance

    Insurance of cargo and cargo transportation is the main way to protect your investments from losses. Our company makes sure that your cargo remains safe and your investments are protected.

    Delivery on time

    Providing a timetable and the ability to track the movement of cargo by the company's specialists. Constant confidence in the delivery of goods on time.

    Exactly at the address

    Selection of the optimal route, delivery of cargo to the specified point, depending on the customer's requirements. Experienced drivers with knowledge of routes and traffic rules of different countries.