Exhibition logistics

Cargo D.C. offers full support for the dispatch of goods to exhibitions, concerts and theatrical events.

When organizing the transportation of projects such as exhibition logistics, the main thing is to systematize tasks at the highest possible level, clarify the completeness of the cargo, check and agree on shipping documents for proper customs clearance and delivery of goods just in time.

Range of services for your exhibition equipment:

  • transportation of items and equipment for exhibitions;
  • transportation of theater decorations and props;
  • full support and preparation of all necessary documentation.

Additional services for transportation exhibition equipment

If necessary, Cargo D.C. can develop solutions for the consolidation and temporary storage of your cargo in European warehouses before shipment to the destination.

We will be happy to share information on already implemented projects!

Support for you 24/7

We take on all the tasks of cargo transportation and cargo insurance, and you just get it on time and in the right place!

Always online

Our forwarders and logisticians are always in touch. For coordination of actions, we suggest using the contact numbers that are convenient for you at this time to call a specialist.

Cargo insurance

Insurance of cargo and cargo transportation is the main way to protect your investments from losses. Our company makes sure that your cargo remains safe and your investments are protected.

Delivery on time

Providing a timetable and the ability to track the movement of cargo by the company's specialists. Constant confidence in the delivery of goods on time.

Exactly at the address

Selection of the optimal route, delivery of cargo to the specified point, depending on the customer's requirements. Experienced drivers with knowledge of routes and traffic rules of different countries.